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Digital Academics helps select and implement engaging digital curriculum in education. We do digital!

How can we help?

We provide expert, independent advice that will assist you in selecting and implementing the most effective tools for enhancing teaching and learning.

Consulting Services

We have decades of experience in reviewing and implementing academic technology. We spend countless hours researching today's most effective tools for learning so that you don't have to. Our consulting services help you to minimize the risk and pain of delivering digital curriculum.

Professional Development

Dedicated to providing distinctive training solutions that support administrators and teachers in effective academic technology implementation, Digital Academics has developed professional development programs designed to yield optimal results for districts and schools.

Whether you call them digital natives or the iGeneration, one thing is clear– today’s students have been conditioned to process information and learn through hyper-stimulating sources. Practically since birth, they are bombarded with DVDs, Wiis, Facebook, iPods, iPhones and iPads. By the time they get to the classroom they expect the same type of stimulation from educational content. Is your classroom prepared?

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